About Lippo Malls

Retail development is one of the fastest growing pillars of business in the Lippo Group and the rise of the company to become Indonesia’s largest retail mall operator in recent years presented us with numerous challenges and opportunities.

Throughout the years, the company has focused its experience and expertise in property development and management, bringing in foreign expertise where we fall short and adding local insights from our experienced senior management team in order to deliver on each of the projects we develop and manage. The company riding on the rapid growth of the Indonesian economy, we are now realizing our plans to add on another 20 malls to our portfolio by 2019.

To ensure the value and quality of our properties, we have aligned ourselves with the leaders of the market to ensure that the experience we bring to the end consumer will be unparalleled by each mall in its class. We have forged strategic relationships with the best retailers to ensure that we deliver on quality and concepts that will change the retail landscape in Indonesia.

As we forge ahead in a dynamic era, there will be exciting changes and a promising landscape that await our exploration. In our quest to be the best at what we do and to become the market leaders in the industry, we shall be governed not just by international standards and best practices but by our responsibility to the general public and in our faith that the company will always be “Growing in Stewardship, Impacting Lives”.


Lippo Malls Vision

Partnering with retailers to broaden access to a growing middle class of consumers* in Indonesia