Brand Space

Brand Space is a batch of our wide variety areas in Pipeline Malls to be use for brand’s advertising media & marketing opportunities.

It is the ideal place whether for mall’s tenants and any consumer’s brand to grow the business.

With many different leasing and strategic media placement options, this easy & efficient  media channels designed to bulid brand awareness

& drive store traffic across Lippo Malls, it's easy to get started. 

Simply check one of our available spots listed below and find business focused information

about our properties and contacts to assist with your specific needs.



An ideal visibility for the brand in our existing Ad Spaces at Lippo Malls for indoor, outdoor and digital views.





For a higher brand exposure and more interactive and lively two ways communications,

a high traffic shopping mall areas will create an ideal opportunities to connect the brands with customers and prospects.





Lippo Malls has developed a comprehensive sponsorship strategy that support mall events and assets

to provide valuable services for shoppers, and valued access to shoppers for our sponsor partners.